Regina Coeli Report - June-July 2023: The New Immaculata Rises

As the old Immaculata perished in destructive fire, so the life of the new Immaculata was born of purifying fire...

Dear Friends,

The consecration of the New Immaculata on May 3 was an immense source of joy for the faithful of Saint Mary’s, for the Society of St. Pius X, and for many people throughout the world. This beautiful new church gives honor to Our Lady. She is our mother, she is God’s greatest creature, and she is worthy of all praise. Many people, however, either do not know her or openly reject who she is and what she represents. It gives us great joy, then, to see her honored in such a spectacular way, through a cathedral-like church dedicated to her, in the midst of a town named after her.

The New Immaculata gives us hope for the future. Just as Our Lady was the dawn announcing the coming of salvation to a world shrouded in darkness, so too this “basilica on the plains” sends a sharp ray of light into our godless world. It is concrete evidence, literally, that the supernatural life is being lived by a vibrant Catholic community in the state of Kansas. We rejoice in seeing it and think: is not what is possible there also possible in the rest of the world?

For we who live in the United States, in a country that was not founded on Catholic principles or with a Catholic vision, the New Immaculata also gives us hope for the flourishing of the faith in our native land. We all ardently desire that the sweet reign of Christ the King be acknowledged and implemented here. Is not the New Immaculata a symbol of the power of the Catholic Faith to guide and inspire Americans in the following of Christ, through His Mother?

I encourage all of our readers to look for an opportunity to visit the New Immaculata, so as to take inspiration from it and to be strengthened in the faith. Let us rejoice that Our Lady and her beloved Son will be honored with due solemnity in this beautiful edifice for many decades to come.

Fr. John Fullerton
US District Superior