Heart of the USA District

The District House is the heart from where all of the apostolic initiatives in a specific region are directed. The District Superior and his assistants carefully monitor the needs of the priests and faithful under their care and strive to provide them with the means to live a truly Catholic life.

Welcome to the Regina Coeli House!

Over 100 priests of the United States District are spread out among 20 houses called priories, where they live a community life. Every weekend, many of our priests travel to over 100 missions (or chapels) that we have around the country, in order to take care of the faithful's spiritual needs.

In addition to their parish duties, many of our priests also have an apostolate in one of our 26 schools, while others preach retreats in one of the three retreat houses dedicated to this purpose.

The coordination and organization of this countrywide work and the direction of the priests in their apostolic activities requires a superior at a special house called the District House (or Office). Here in the United States District, the Regina Coeli House serves as SSPX's headquarters, from where the District Superior and his team live in a community dedicated to the administrative tasks required for the District's management.

Located in Platte City, Missouri (about a half-hour north of Kansas City), the Regina Coeli House hosts offices for the District staff and rooms for the priests and brothers who reside there. A separate building called St. Joseph's Hall was completed in 2011, which has visitors' accommodations and conference rooms. The continuing expansion of the District Office resulted in the purchase of a former bank in the nearby town of Farley. In April 2014, the lay staff moved their offices into this building which has been named the Infant Jesus Office.

Regina Coeli House

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