The Missions: Foreign Mission Trust Magazine

The Foreign Mission Trust Magazine is a new publication of the U.S. District to share with you of all of these initiatives. It is the platform for all Society missions to present the work they do in their part of the world.

The U.S. District is proud to show the beauty and diversity of the Society of St. Pius X’s missionary efforts and is eager to help the missions further develop their endeavors. All the contributions in this magazine are from our missionaries: first-hand reports written by missionary priests. Their beautiful pictures illustrate the vibrancy of the missions.

The Foreign Mission Trust Magazine will appear at least three times a year and will be the “open window” to the Society of St. Pius X in the Missions

We hope that this initiative will profoundly help you understand the extent of our work and generously support this effort with your prayers and donations.

Most Recent Issue:

Number 14 - 2022: True Wisdom

  • Holy Cross in Kenya: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • South Africa: Like a Mustard Seed
  • Estonia: Lighting a Candle in a Dark Land

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Number 13- 2021: The Heart Which Has So Loved Men

  • India: A Letter from the Subcontinent
  • Benedicite Domino: Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart
  • News from the St. Bernard Novitiate in the Philippines
  • Philippines: The Fourth Branch of the Family
  • A Long Overdue Church Renovation in Manila
  • Mexico: Mission in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca

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Number 12- 2021: Spritual Sons of a Missionary

  • A Miracle of Tradition in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Theft in Corrientes

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Number 11- 2021: Blessed are the Poor

  • Asian Expansion During the Pandemic
  • Struggles in India
  • Japan: Stella Matutina Priory
  • Mexico: San Luis Potosí: An Old Mission Still Growing
  • Construction in Puebla, Mexico
  • South Africa: St. Paul's Mission, Folweni
  • Nigeria: A Lasting Apostolate

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Number 10 - 2021: In Time of Plague

  • News from Nigeria
  • COVID in Kenya
  • Chiapas: a Mexican State at War Against the Devil
  • Sri Lanka: Curfew since March 20, 2020
  • Philippines: Processions in time of Plauge
  • India: Bringing Essential Items

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Number 9 - 2020: Holy Communion

  • Fiji: First Impressions
  • Sri Lanka: St. Philomena, the Wonder Woman

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Number 8 - 2020: True Renewal

  • Lucky and Me: Musings of an Indian Missionary
  • India: The End of Our Pilgrimage
  • Argentina: At the Foot of the Mountains
  • Africa: Nigeria Advances

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Number 7 - 2019: Model of Sanctity

  • India: God's Special Grace for the Mission
  • The SSPX in Africa
  • Holy Cross Seminary: Paying the Price of their Vocation
  • Philippines: Will Men be Men?
  • Philippines: Our Lady of Victories School
  • Catholic Tradition Returns to Ecuador

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Number 6 - 2019: The Communion of Saints

  • Nigeria: An Atypical Daily Routine
  • 500 Years of Christianity in Mexico
  • The SSPX in Mendoza (Argentina)

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Number 5 - 2019: Consoling Sisters

  • India: Magister Adest et Vocat Te!
  • Dominican Republic: The Española
  • Eastern Europe: A New Church in the Land of Mary
  • Nigeria: A Land of Vocations / A Land of Christian Fight
  • Argentina: The Value of Education

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Number 4 - 2018: Lift Up Your Eyes

  • South America: In the Footsteps of St. Thomas Apostle
  • Mexico: The State of Jalisco, Birthplace of SSPX in Mexico
  • Australia: Sowing the Seeds of Priestly Holiness
  • End of a Construction Site in Gabon
  • Tradition in Tanzania
  • Agrica: A Voice Crying in the Desert
  • The Philippines: An Interview with Dr. Goefroy

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Number 3 - 2018: Be a True Missionary

  • Christus Regnat in Kenya
  • Juvénat du Sacré-Coeur
  • Africa: A Day in the Life / Our Lady of Providence School
  • Progress in Nigeria
  • Mexico: A Marian Nation
  • Australia: Common Pursuit of the Priestly Ideal

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Number 2 - 2018: Lift Up Your Eyes

  • A South American Harvest
  • An SSPX Mission for Querétaro, Mexico
  • Australia: Laborers of the Early Spring
  • Australia: Missionaries in an Island Paradise
  • The Philippines: Mary's Mission Tour
  • Asian Vocations
  • India: Reaching Bethlehem by a Stony Path
  • Lithuania and the Work of Catholic Tradition

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Number 1 - 2017: Pray for One Another

  • Africa is Healthier than We Think
  • Africa: From a Letter to a Fast-Growing Mission
  • Africa: St. John the Baptist Expansion Program
  • Australia: The Mission Seminary
  • District of Mexico & Central America
  • The SSPX in Eastern Europe
  • Mary, Queen of Poland
  • Dominican Republic: Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Mission
  • The Philippines: The St. Bernard Novitiate
  • India: 30 Years of Gratitude
  • News from Sri Lanka

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