Young priests meet at Regina Coeli House

December 20, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Early in December, 13 priests met in Platte City, Missouri to take part in the 2014 Young Priests' Meeting at Regina Coeli House, the SSPX's USA District Headquarters.

One would think—with fairly good reason—that after seven years of seminary training a priest’s formation is over. What else could possibly be learned after those long years of study?

But when it comes to saving souls, there is never too much to learn.

This is why the United States District holds the Young Priests’ Meeting every year: to continue the formation of newly ordained shepherds of souls, passing on to them both practical and pastoral knowledge.

Early in December, 13 priests met in Platte City, Missouri to take part in this year’s event. All but one had been ordained within the past two years. They came to learn, to be shown the inner workings of the District House, but also to enjoy each other’s company and to trade the many­­­ stories and experiences from the past months.

Conferences were given to help the priests develop their preaching, to aid them in becoming more effective instruments of the Holy Ghost in the pulpit.  And since many of the priests find themselves daily in the classroom, they were given tips to help them in their teaching. 

The District House is able to host these meetings due to the support given by the faithful. Each year a collection is taken up for the formation of priests. Part of this goes to the program for bringing priests to Tradition; part of it goes to the continued education of our young priests.

One of the evenings a surprise pizza party was held, giving the priests a chance to relax a little. These times help greatly to increase the camaraderie amongst them, strengthening the realization that though they struggle in the apostolate, they do not fight alone.

After some more practical conferences there was an occasion to ask questions and receive advice from older and more experienced priests.

In the end the priests left the meeting refreshed, encouraged, and although still young, better equipped to give life to the souls God sends to them.