Who was Archbishop Lefebvre? FAQ video

Watch Episode 2.1 of our FAQ video series.

In this second and 2-part episode to our FAQ video series, we briefly present the life of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre just before founding the Society of St. Pius X.

Learn about the many roles that Archbishop Lefebvre exercised in the Catholic Church which included:

  • Missionary priest
  • seminary rector
  • Archbishop of Dakar
  • Apostolic Delegate to French Africa
  • Assistant to the Papal Throne
  • Superior General of the Holy Ghost Fathers
  • Second Vatican Council's Preparatory Commission member
  • Coetus Internationalis Patrum organizer

Accompanying this video FAQ are historic images and film footage from Archbishop Lefebvre's interesting life depicting his family, missionary work in Africa, role in the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, and more!

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