Testimonies about the Lefebvre movie

Some testimonies about the documentary

The sources of these testimonies are from transcribed on-the-spot video interviews held after some screenings as well as from written submissions.

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Absolutely beautiful

"The movie was absolutely beautiful to see the Archbishop come to life, since I never meet him personally. It was absolutely magnificent. I couldn't stop crying and it made me realize more and more what he has absolutely started to maintain Tradition."

Inspiring and edifying

"I really didn't know anything about Archbishop Lefebvre prior to watching the documentary and so everything was a revelation to me. As with all the great saints of the Church, he led a very pious life from a very early age and you can just see how that sanctify prevaded every action he undertook in his life, up to and obviously including the foundation of the Society. It was a beautiful documentary to watch, and I hope more people get to watch it. It's inspiring and it's edifying in the best possible way. So, I hope that when people see it, it will help to advance not only the cause of the Society, but also the propagation of the Faith, of Tradition."

A sweeping presentation

"The DVD is a sweeping presentation—a truly "big picture" of Marcel Lefebvre, the man, the priest, the bishop—a soul not at all his own, but God's. This firm believing in the Kingship of Christ gave his all, consistent with 2000 years of Catholic Tradition, for the establishment of Christ as King through the work of His Church."

An invaluable historical resource!

"Excellent production. It is an invaluable historical reference for those of us who are familiar with but have not previously seen the important figures that so impact our lives today. Thank you for bringing this film to us."

Brought tears to my eyes

"The movie brought tears to my eyes. I converted 10 years ago from being Jewish to a traditional Catholic. I didn't know much about Archbishop Lefebvre. I have always know I choose the true and only Faith, but I know now even more so. He is truly amazing and sacrificed so much to do what's right... Thanks to Archbishop Lefebvre, we have the Society, our faith and Tradition."

A learning experience

"What I took away from that movie was really learning about Archbishop Lefebvre's fidelity to authority, a proper understanding of authority to Holy Mother Church, that, he was not acting on his own accord, but was really trying to preserve the Truth and Faith and that is really lacking nowadays."