Table 1: Validity of new episcopal consecrations

Validity of the new rite of episcopal consecrations

Table 1: the New Rite compared to the text of Hippolytus


New rite

Text of Hippolytus

Et nunc effunde super hunc electum eam virtutem, quae a te est, Spiritum principalem, quem dedisti dilecto Filio tuo Jesu Christo, quem ipse donavit sanctis Apostolis, qui constituerunt Ecclesiam per singula loca ut sanctuarium tuum, in gloriam et laudem indeficientem nominis tui.

nunc effunde eam virtutem quae a te est, principalis sp(iritu)s quem dedisti dilecto filio tuo Je(s)u Chr(ist)o, quod donavit sanctis apostolis qui constituerunt ecclesiam per singula loca sanctificationem tuam, in gloriam et laudem indeficientem nomini tuo.


So now pour out upon this chosen one that power which is from you, the governing Spirit whom you gave to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, the Spirit given by him to the holy apostles, who founded the Church in every place to be your temple for the unceasing glory and praise of your name.


Now pour forth on him that power which is from Thee, the governing Spirit whom Thou gave to Thy beloved Son Jesus Christ, whom He gave to the holy apostles who founded the Church in the place of Thy sanctuary unto the glory and unceasing praise of Thy name.