Sursum Corda - SSPX Third Order newsletter

Sursum Corda is the newsletter of the SSPX's Third Order in the United States District. It is published by the Third Order chaplain.

The newsletters are available below in PDF format.


Autumn 2023: The Mystical Body of Christ

Summer 2023: On the Heights of Thabor

Spring 2023: The Gifts of the Holy Ghost

Winter 2023: The Word Was Made Flesh


Fall 2022: Living Our Mass

Summer 2022: Charity

Spring 2022: Prayer, Part 2

Winter 2022: Prayer, Part 1


Fall 2021: Daniel, the Prophet

Summer 2021: Enthronement of the Home to the Sacred Heart

Spring 2021: The Sanhedrin

Winter 2021: The Magi


Spring 2020: Suffering


Autumn 2019: The Holy Rosary

Spring 2019: The Resurrection of Jesus


Winter 2018: The Nativity of Jesus

Autumn 2018: The Immaculate Conception

Summer 2018: The Assumption

Spring 2018: The Sufferings of Christ


Summer 2017: On Difficulties in Prayer

Spring 2017: The Passion of Jesus


Winter 2016: Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Buen Suceso, Ecuador

Autumn 2016: The Mysteries of Christ

Summer 2016: Our Lady of Buen Suceso

Spring 2016: The Spirit of Jesus


Winter 2015: Christ

Autumn 2015: The Holy Trinity

Summer 2015: Our Sacrifice and Our Supplement


Winter 2014: The Life of Grace

Spring 2014: St. Joseph


Winter 2013: The Rule of the Third Order

Autumn 2013: Canon Law on Third Orders

Summer 2013: The Precious Blood of Jesus

Spring 2013: The Liturgy