St. Thomas More Church & Priory

Welcome to St. Thomas More Church & Priory, which serves the Orlando, Florida area.

St. Thomas More Church

550 Riverview Avenue - Sanford (Orlando), FL 32771
407-872-1007  |  email
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Mass & confession schedule
Confessions are one hour before Sunday Mass, half an hour before the evening Mass during the week.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
7:30am 7:30am      7:30am      7:30am      7:30am      7:30am 8:30am     
9:30am High   11am         11am    11am
12pm   6pm      6pm     6pm


5pm Vespers            

St. Thomas More Priory

500 Riverview Avenue
Sanford, FL  32771

The priory is the residence of the priests. Please feel free to call for an appointment.
Prior: Fr. Marc Vernoy

St. Thomas More Academy

Principal: Fr. Marc Vernoy