St. John Vianney Church & Priory

Welcome to St. John Vianney Church and Priory

Please note that the church and priory are in different locations.

St. John Vianney Priory is located close by the Sacred Heart Novitiate of the SSPX's Sisters.

St. John Vianney Church

18910 Ellipse Loop
Long Prairie, MN 56347
320-732-4274   |  email

Mass and confessions schedule

Confessions are heard:
 - Sundays and holy days: 7:15am
 - Saturdays: after Mass
 - School days: 20 minutes before Mass

Mass Times:

Sun Mon    Tue    Wed    Thur    Fri  Sat
8am 8am 8am 8am 8am 8am    8am   
10am High               

Special Schedules:

Holy Days:  
 - Mass 8am, 7pm
 - Confessions 30 min before Mass

First Friday:  
 - Mass 8am, 7pm
​ - Confessions 7:40am, 6:30pm
 - Holy Hour: 7:30pm

"Hunters' Mass" - First 2 Sundays in November
 - Mass: 5:00am, 8:00am
 - Confessions: 6:00am, 7:30am

St. John Vianney Priory

820 St. John's Avenue
Browerville, MN 56438
320-594-2221 tel/fax  |  email

The priory is the residence of the priests.
Please feel free to call for an appointment.
Prior: Fr. Jacques Emily

St. John Vianney Academy

Principal: Fr. James Trummer