Should Catholics attend the New Mass? Ep. 15.2

We continue to answer the question "Should Catholics attend the New Mass?" in this second and concluding installment, Episode 15.2, which is also the final FAQ video in Our Catholic Faith Today series.

Picking up from Episode 14.1, we examine how the Novus Ordo Missae was created [see Episode 7] to be an ecumenical rite and thus causing Catholic doctrine to be purposefully obscured, mutated or even omitted from its prayers.

These theological deficiencies were recognized by such eminent churchmen as Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci, who wrote alarmingly to Pope Paul VI in their foreword to "The Brief Critical Study of the New Order of the Mass":

It is evident that the Novus Ordo has no intention of presenting the Faith as taught by the Council of Trent, to which, nonetheless, the Catholic conscience is bound forever.”

And the critical study itself stated that the New Mass departs from the Catholic Faith “as a whole and in its details.”

Archbishop Lefebvre also observed:

that the New Mass, even when said with piety and respect for the liturgical rules, is subject to […] reservations since it is impregnated with the spirit of Protestantism. It bears within it a poison harmful to the Faith.”

The doctrinal deficiencies of the New Mass has rendered it a danger to the faith of Catholics—as witnessed by such negative effects as a widespread diminishment of belief in the Blessed Sacrament.

Consequently, since the Church would never ask her members to endanger their souls, the Sunday Precept does not oblige the faithful to attend the New Mass.

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