District Newsletter

The District Newsletter keeps you up to date on the latest news and events around parishes and schools. Read how the District is developing as well as practical and spiritual exhortations from the superior himself.


Regina Coeli Report - June-July 2021: First Communions

March 22, 2022
Do any of us truly understand what an incredible gift we have in the Real Presence of Our Savior in the Blessed Sacrament? The Son of God waits for us in the tabernacle, but few take advantage of this incredible opportunity. As St. Peter Julian Eymard wrote, “Man has time for everything, except visits to his Lord and God, Who is waiting and longing for him in His tabernacle. The streets and houses of amusement are filled with people; the House of God is deserted.”

Letter from U.S. District Superior: August, 2021

August 26, 2021
The District Superior for the United States, Fr. John Fullerton, recounts the challenges the Catholic Church has faced in the past 18 months, "from COVID to Custodes" and makes assurances of the Society of Saint Pius X's work throughout the United States and world...

Letter from U.S. District Superior: June, 2021

May 31, 2021
Fr. John Fullerton, US District Superior for the Society of Saint Pius X, asks the priests and faithful in the District to make the Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the month of June to make reparations for the sins that continue to plague our world.

Regina Coeli Report - April-May 2021: The Meaning & Importance of Baptism

May 23, 2021
“What do you ask of the Church of God?” “Faith.” “What does faith provide you?” “Eternal life.” These first words of the ritual of baptism cut deep into the heart of human destiny.

Regina Coeli Report - February-March 2021: Church Restoration

February 22, 2021
The word Restoration covers a vast array of items: from book binding to the forest, from shattered nerves to rundown neighborhoods, from buildings to suburbs, things most dear to us in life deserve restoring. Why? Because they decay from the injury of time, use and abuse.

Regina Coeli Report - December-January 2021: The Single Life

December 29, 2020
Often enough, we hear about the duties and responsibilities of families, of parents and children. We bring under the spotlight the elite of society, civil and spiritual and, especially in our traditional circles, the religious and priests. Yet is there not also a silent “minority,” and even a large enough group of people living the single life?

Regina Coeli Report - October-November 2020: Passing On What We Have Received

November 05, 2020
On September 24, 2020, the Saint Pius X Seminary created by Archbishop Lefebvre at Écône, Switzerland, celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Regina Coeli Report - August-September 2020: Putting Sports in Its Place

September 01, 2020
Most mortals on earth yearn for some diversion from the day-to-day drudge. Especially, youngsters sense the urge to flex their muscles against a worthy opponent or to team up for a friendly contest. 

Regina Coeli Report - June-July 2020: Religious Symbolism

August 05, 2020
How do symbols affect us? What is the purpose of art? We’ll address these questions along with picturesque examples.

Regina Coeli Report - April-May 2020: Seeing God in Nature

May 08, 2020
 For we do not merely discern God’s existence from the natural world, but through faith know Him as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost—the Holy Trinity.