District Newsletter

The District Newsletter keeps you up to date on the latest news and events around parishes and schools. Read how the District is developing as well as practical and spiritual exhortations from the superior himself.


Regina Coeli Report - October 2019: Summer Activities

October 11, 2019
Summer is always a good time to rest the mind and exercise body and soul. This summer, many camps gathered boys or girls in tents or around the fire pit.

US District Newsletter September 2019: The Crisis Continues in the Amazon

September 23, 2019
The US District Superior of the Society of Saint Pius X writes to faithful about the abuse scandal, the crisis of the Faith shown by the Amazon Synod, and what the SSPX is striving for in its work:

Regina Coeli Report - August 2019: The Blossoming of the Domestic Church

September 19, 2019
The term ecclesiola (Greek for “little church”) has been used from the dawn of Christianity to designate the domestic Church. It refers to the family, the smallest body of believers. Our early Church Fathers understood that the home was fertile ground for faith and holiness.

US District Letter: Appreciating the Priesthood and the Work of the Seminary

July 26, 2019
Never have priests been so under-appreciated, misunderstood, and, in many instances, reviled. But never have they been so needed!

US District Letter: Father's Day & Catholic Family Celebrations

June 14, 2019
In the US District June Newsletter, Fr. Wegner observes the family celebrations that take place each Spring, recognizing Father's Day especially.

Regina Coeli Report: April 2019 - The Sacraments

April 16, 2019
This issue of the Regina Coeli Report is dedicated to the sacraments which our dear priests administer and our dear faithful receive throughout the year.

US District Letter: Smite the Shepherd, and His Flock Shall Scatter

February 01, 2019
The latest newsletter from US District Superior, Fr. Jurgen Wegner, examines the difficulty facing the modern world at even identifying basic truths:

District Superior Letter: Riches of Family Life

September 07, 2018
As time goes on, we cannot help but realize how Christian families are the building blocks of healthy societies. Allow me to simply echo our founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, who called for a crusade of the families 40 years ago in his Jubilee sermon.

District Superior Letter: For Love of Our Fathers

July 16, 2018
In the month of June, we celebrate Father's Day, which has very deep Catholic roots in the Feast of St. Joseph, foster father of Christ. In the Society of Saint Pius X, June is designated as the month when we welcome to the Altar of Christ new fathers—spiritual fathers—for the faithful. The cultivation of vocations is paramount for the propagation of the sacraments. We look to the faithful for their prayerful and financial support in the cultivation of priestly vocations at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary.