Regina Coeli Report: May-June 2013

Images and a report about the ordinations to the minor orders held at the Winona seminary in mid-March.

During the academic year at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, ordinations to the various holy orders are regularly observed.  Just before this year's first day of spring, 2 of the 4 ordinations were held: the minor orders on Friday, March 15, and the first of the major orders, the subdiaconate, on Saturday, March 16.

Inside this issue

Letter from the District Superior

"We never give more honor to Jesus than when we honor His Mother, and we honor her simply and solely to honor Him all the more perfectly." By these words St. Louis Marie de Montfort invites us to go to Our Lady as a way leading us to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Read more>

Honoring St. Joseph
On Tuesday, March 19, nearly 800 of St. Mary's Academy students and faculty quit the classrooms for a couple of hours to celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph.  

Holy Week Ceremonies Pictures
Interesting photographs from around the country of the liturgies of Holy Week.

Book Review: The Second Vatican Council
A recently-published book sheds new light on the Second Vatican Council and exposes it for the failure that it was and remains.

Meet the Team: Br. Rene and Br. Gabriel
Although toiling somewhat anonymously, Br. Rene and Br. Gabriel perform mission-critical duties at the Regina Coeli House.

Cornerstone and Bells Blessing at New Virginia Seminary
The new seminary is coming along.  An important milestone was reached with the blessing of the cornerstone and bells.

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