Regina Coeli Report: Mar 2004

Read about the "Rosary Ambush" enacted in Grand Rapids, MI against an ecumenical Buddhist chant seminar and see how the special chandeliers were made for the candlelit Christmas Midnight Mass at St. Vincent de Paul's Church in Kansas City, MO.

"...shame on the Catholic men who have allowed this [ecumenical] thing to happen here. I apologize if this is not what you can to hear tonight, but we are going to do here what the basilica was made for, and that is to pray Catholic prayers..."

Inside this issue

Letter from the District Superior

In our pleasure loving world, we often hear people speak of happiness... What is real happiness—genuine joy? And where can they be found?

Rosary Ambush

An ecumenical Buddhist chant seminar was prevented in the Catholic Basilica of St. Adalbert's in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when the rosary was recited in protest against this offense to God's Holy House.

Chandeliers for Christ's Nativity

See the efforts made by men at St. Vincent de Paul Church in Kansas City, Missouri to specially light up the church with candles to honor the Light of the World during the Christmas Midnight Mass.

Pro-Life Rally

The Portland, Oregon chapel participated in the annual Oregon Pro-Life Rally.

Parish activities

Some chapel and academy news from Veneta, Oregon.

International news

About the SSPX's mission in Norway and some historical information on when the country was Catholic.