Regina Coeli Report - June-July 2022: Fatima and Holy Communion

Having passed the month of May and entered June, this Regina Coeli Report presents the First Communion ceremonies in our chapels throughout the U.S. District. The Eucharist is the center of parish life emphasized in the months dedicated to the Sacred Heart and His Mother.

A good First Communion is a well prepared First Communion. This means both parents and teachers take part in cooperating with God’s grace coming into a soul. Images in this issue demonstrate the extremely active life in our District schools and chapels involved in this process.

During a time of social conflict over God’s sole sovereignty over human life, the importance of this involvement is even more highlighted. Good First Communicants daily strengthened by the presence of Our Lord will grow into good citizens unafraid to stand for God’s Law.

I encourage all of you to devoutly receive Communion as frequently as possible. The more we are asked to stand for our Faith, the more we need Our Lord. Please continue to support our apostolate in the Society of St. Pius X as we continue to bring Our Lord and His Faith to you.

Rev. Fr. John Fullerton
US District Superior

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  • Preparing Children for Holy Communion
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  • News & Photos from the District