Regina Coeli Report - December-January 2021: The Single Life

Often enough, we hear about the duties and responsibilities of families, of parents and children. We bring under the spotlight the elite of society, civil and spiritual and, especially in our traditional circles, the religious and priests. Yet is there not also a silent “minority,” and even a large enough group of people living the single life?

If God in the Bible shows a marked preference for the widow and the orphan with no bright future in life, some Scriptural passages refer also to the one alone, deprived of company and support.

Who qualifies as a single person? It can be anything like a late teenager alienated from his family due to hard circumstances; or a single woman living as best she can in modern society quickly becoming a dissociety; perhaps, it is a bachelor torn between work, friends, and his conscience; or a spouse still grieving from a broken relationship; or, finally, a widow or widower living a lonely existence far from children’s support?

No matter the circumstances, we know that God, who created us with a special attention, has also a purpose for each of us. He has called us to a specific way of life. To quote Fr. Faber: “All men have a special vocation. Our vocation is as real a vocation, as distinctive as the vocation to be a Carmelite or an Ursuline, a Franciscan or an Oratorian. . . . That vocation, whatever it is, is God’s will about us.” And indeed, we’ve all heard of geniuses or saints who, although not engaged in religious or married vows, followed the divine star and conquered virtue and knowledge.

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