Regina Coeli Report - Dec 2019-Jan 2020: Under the Banner of Christ the King


Under the merciful eye of the good Lord in the sun-like monstrance, Christian faithful are praying, adoring, and singing the praises of their God through thick and thin, through land and cities. 

They are soldiers marching behind the banner and leadership of their general, angels of the Great Counsel, the Apocalyptic elders (and youth) before the throne of God. How comforting it is for us that our Faith is not only believed in the heart, but also openly professed before the public eye. 

The great Marian apostle of western France, St. Louis de Montfort, was the past master in organizing these grand processions of entire parishes to honor Christ and His Mother. He knew their impact in souls young and old. They would be remembered as one of their life’s greatest graces. He and his missionaries would carry and plant a cross in a prominent village square or at a major crossroads. It would be a permanent reminder of the eternal truths. 

After all, man is body and soul, and our most noble sentiments find a natural outlet in these social gatherings, besides the more constrained church walls. It is of the utmost importance to pray, sing loud, and walk in unison with the spirit of the past ages. Let the world know who our real heroes are, not the devil, the world and its pomps, but God and His Blessed Mother. Yet, let us keep in mind that the more prepared, the more adorned and magnificent the procession, the more fruit it will have on the entire parish. 

Inside this Issue:

  • Letter from the District Superior
  • Thy Kingdom Come
  • Pictures from the District