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The Angelus: Politics

February 14, 2017
During the past year's political upheaval both in the United States and worldwide, it seems wise to review the Church's teachings in depth:

The Angelus: Hope

December 08, 2016
The last issue of 2016 continues the series on Theological Virtues - this time examining Hope in the topics of Heaven, Limbo, and more.

The Angelus: Fortitude

September 14, 2016
Fortitude...  One of the great virtues bestowed on us by the Holy Ghost. We examine figures who displayed strength and today's application.

The Social Doctrine of the Church Today

August 02, 2016
This month's issue of "The Angelus" dives into the a long-standing teaching of the Church - that we must live in this world but not of it

The True Notion of Mercy

May 20, 2016
This issue of the Angelus gives insight into the true notion of Divine Mercy. During this Jubilee Year, when the Holy Father has offered extraordinary means of obtaining grace, it is good to review the Church's traditional teaching of Mercy.

The Synod & The Family

April 07, 2016
This issue of The Angelus will give us an interesting insight into the preparatory conciliar schema which, unfortunately, was not adopted at Vatican II. You will also find within this issue the call of Archbishop Lefebvre for a crusade which urged the young adults of 40 years ago to form Catholic families, open to life and open to God and vocations, as they had always been in previous times in the Church.

Social media

January 25, 2016
Throughout history, developments in technology and communications have gone hand-in-hand. The latest technological developments, such as the Internet and mobile devices, have taken the science of communication to a new level.

The Final Consolation of the Church

December 02, 2015
Holy Mother Church assists her children even in their final hours with the fortifying sacrament of Extreme Unction.

The Religious Life

September 25, 2015
“When he founded our Carmel of Sebikotane, the Archbishop [Lefebvre] was asking himself why the Catholic missions were expanding so much and why the pagans were converting. He felt that the reign of God was coming closer and closer. In answer to these questions, he explained that ‘this is because five Carmelite nuns are praying for the apostolate.’ Really, he puts a lot of trust in us! But again, we tried to live up to this trust.” (Mother Superior of the Carmel in Senegal)

What is Islam?

July 23, 2015
“Muslims rightly distrust Catholics who pretend to see only similarities between Islam and the Church. They respect a convinced Catholic who practices his religion, believes in it firmly, and endeavors to make known its truths and its benefits.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, Dakar, March 26, 1961)