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The magazine is a district publication with articles centered around a common theme. See descriptions of our newest books and read topics such as spirituality, Christian culture, history, faith and morals, and news from Tradition written by various authors. 


Sept/Oct. 2018: The Angelus - Digital Dependence

October 05, 2018
The giants of the Web world possess human data, communication means, monetary power and intrusion into countries in ways that an enemy army could never have dreamed of before. How do we appreciate and use technology properly keeping in mind its benefits in modern-day life along with the potential temptations it brings?

July/August 2018: The Angelus - Life

August 07, 2018
Life is sacred, so much so that Almighty God protects our participation of the procreation of life in the sacrament of marriage. See how the world and modern man try to control the propagation of life daily life and in healthcare. In the 50th anniversary year of Humanae Vitae, the July issue of The Angelus corresponds to the main topics explored in this year's Angelus Press Conference.

May/June 2018: The Angelus - Vocations

May 09, 2018
What is a vocation and how does one know if they are being called by God to serve Him in a more perfect way? Vocations are a great grace yet we have seen such a marked decline in the number of worldwide vocations over the last century. "What more is there to say about vocations" you may ask? More than can be said in a single issue - or several - of The Angelus

The Angelus - Russia

March 15, 2018
In Russia, the era of Communist atheism has given way to a privileged relationship between the state and the Orthodox Church. 

The Angelus - Angels: The Messengers of God

February 13, 2018
Angels seem to live in horizons foreign to us, so foreign that we can only babble two words about them, make an act of faith, and soon forget about them. Although not accurate, this can hardly satisfy your legitimate curiosity to delve into the angelic state.

The Angelus - Authority at Risk

December 12, 2017
While authority has been rebelled against since the time of the angels, the pervasive nonchalance and outright disgust towards our leaders is only snowballing.

The Angelus: Fatima

October 05, 2017
Following the International Pilgrimage to Fatima, and on the month of the Miracle of the Sun, it is only fitting to devote this issue to Fatima.

The Angelus: Papacy and Sedevacantism

August 22, 2017
Why choose to address the question of the papacy in a Catholic magazine? Aren’t all readers sharing the same faith and accepting of the Pope's Authority?

The Angelus: The Middle East

May 10, 2017
What are the reasons for conflict in the Middle East and its repercussions in the Western world? How much will immigration destabilize the old continent? These and other related topics frame this issue of our journal. 

The Angelus: Luther

April 17, 2017
During the joyful centenary of Fatima, why does The Angelus focus on Luther? Because like our commemoration of Lent, the Church must remember its moments of sadness and crisis so that we can both learn from our history, and reflect on Holy Mother Church's resilience throughout her most seemingly hopeless trials.