The True Notion of Mercy

This issue of the Angelus gives insight into the true notion of Divine Mercy. During this Jubilee Year, when the Holy Father has offered extraordinary means of obtaining grace, it is good to review the Church's traditional teaching of Mercy.

Contents of the May - June 2016 Issue:

Letter from the Publisher 

Theme: The True Notion of Mercy – Devotion to the Sacred Heart 

  • The Jubilee of Mercy 
  • “You Visited Me” 
  • The Visitation Order  
  • The Whole Law 

Faith and Morals

  • Paschaltide and Ascension 
  • Haurietis Aquas 


  • An Anti-Liberal Theologian 
  • The Order of Charity 

Christian Culture

  • Invention and Exaltation 
  • Paintings of the Crucifixion 
  • Spiritual Infancy in Old Age 
  • Educating Boys 
  • The St. Mary’s Down Under – Questions and Answers 

News from Tradition – Church and World 

  • The Meaning of a Jubilee – The Last Word 

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