Sept/Oct. 2018: The Angelus - Digital Dependence

The giants of the Web world possess human data, communication means, monetary power and intrusion into countries in ways that an enemy army could never have dreamed of before. How do we appreciate and use technology properly keeping in mind its benefits in modern-day life along with the potential temptations it brings?

It is within our own sphere of influence that we can act. Modern technology needs to be assessed properly within our human existence. Is it a rhetorical question to ask who, between man and the machine, is the master and who is the slave? Whether we like it or not, the Web with its multiple tentacles is here to stay. We are confronted in all walks of life with a new and invasive lifestyle and we need to appreciate its interests and pitfalls. Thus forewarned, it should help us to inform our mind and form our conscience as well as those entrusted to us.

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