The Religious Life

“When he founded our Carmel of Sebikotane, the Archbishop [Lefebvre] was asking himself why the Catholic missions were expanding so much and why the pagans were converting. He felt that the reign of God was coming closer and closer. In answer to these questions, he explained that ‘this is because five Carmelite nuns are praying for the apostolate.’ Really, he puts a lot of trust in us! But again, we tried to live up to this trust.” (Mother Superior of the Carmel in Senegal)

Contents of Sept-Oct 2015 issue

Letter from the Publisher

Theme: The Religious Life

  • In, Not of, the World; Andrew J. Clarendon
  • A Non-Convent-ional Tour; Various Authors
  • The Discernment of Vocations, Interview with Fr. Mark Stafki and Mother Mary Joseph 
  • Aggiornamento Comes to the Jesuits; by Fr. Jonathan Loop, SSPX

Faith and Morals

  • The Best Part; by a Benedictine Monk
  • The Ceremonies of Religious Profession; Fr. Christopher Danel, SSPX
  • The Angelic Virtue; extracts from Sacra Virginitas of Pius XII
  • Teresa the Great; by a Carmelite Nun


  • The Little Flower; Fr. Delmanowski, SSPX

Book Review

  • The Inside Story of Vatican II, by Rev. Ralph Wiltgen, SVD;  by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, SSPX

Christian Culture

  • Insights on The Angelus, Interview with Fr. Kenneth Novak, Editor Emeritus
  • Chant: Song of the Sacrifice, by Fr. Thomas Hufford, SSPX
  • Education of the Will, by the Sisters of the SSPX
  • Kenyan Safari, Interview with Fr. Mark Stafki, SSPX

Question and Answer

  • Is Catholic Trivia faithful to Catholic teaching?
  • How do we explain the anger which Jesus displayed in the Temple?
  • What is the gravity of the sin of anger?

News from Tradition

  • "We are at the end. Europe is dying!"
  • The Illogic of the Wordly Mind
  • Legalized Euthanasia in Belgium 
  • Frightening Days for Ireland and the United States

Theological Studies

  • The Priest—A Apostle Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta, SSPX

The Last Word: by Fr. Daniel Couture, SSPX

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