Religious Liberty

What is religious liberty?  Is there a difference between religious liberty and religious tolerance?  What rights does error have?

Inside the Jan-Feb 2013 issue


  • Letter from the Publisher

Theme: Religious Liberty

  • Toleration or Religious Liberty?
  • A.D. 313—The End of the Beginning
  • John Locke on Religious Liberty
  • The Two Swords

Faith and Morals

  • Liturgy: The Liturgy
  • Social Doctrine: The Contraceptive Mandate and “Religious Liberty”
  • Acts of the Magisterium: On the Christian Constitution of States


  • Spirituality: The Venerable Francis Libermann

Christian Culture

  • History: Church and State in the Spanish Empire
  • Education: History and the School
  • Lives of the Saints: The Thomas More of America
  • Family Life: Tridentine Duties of the Husband
  • Questions and Answers
  • Church and World
  • Theological Studies: Cardinal Koch and the SSPX

Letters to the Editor

The Last Word

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