Friendship and the Faith

If love is the very reason for friendship, then making friends is an essential component of human life, and their choice, good or bad, will define us since “a man is known by the company he keeps.

Contents of Mar-Apr 2015 issue

Letter from the Publisher

Theme: Friendship and the Faith

  • The Virtue of Friendship; Dr. Peter E. Chojnowski
  • Friendship in the Modern World; James Vogel
  • Good for Mind, Body, and Soul; Randall C. Flanery, Ph.D.
  • Our True Friend; Fr. Paul Robinson, SSPX

Faith and Morals

  • Acts of the Magisterium: Contemplating Wedlock; Pope Pius XI and Pius XII
  • Liturgy: Pax Domini; Fr. Christopher Danel, SSPX
  • Social Doctrine: The Birth of The Angelus; interview with Irene Slovak


  • A Monk’s Insight into Spousal Love; a Silver City Benedictine Monk


  • The Sacrifice of Praise; Fr. Thomas Hufford, SSPX

Christian Culture

  • History: The Sack of Rome; Michael George
  • Family Life: The Father’s Blessing; Richard Mathieu
  • Missions: “Go East”; Fr. John Jenkins, SSPX
  • Questions and Answers (Courtship)

News from Tradition

  • Church and World

Theological Studies

  • Friendship and True Love in Adolescence—Christian Attitudes and Choices

Letters to the Editor

The Last Word; Fr. Daniel Couture, SSPX

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