The Final Consolation of the Church

Holy Mother Church assists her children even in their final hours with the fortifying sacrament of Extreme Unction.

Contents of Nov-Dec 2015 issue

Letter from the Publisher

Theme: Extreme Unction

  • Tragic Death, Comedic Death
  • Is Euthanasia Ever Lawful?
  • A Retirement Home
  • Eternity’s Threshold

Faith and Morals

  • Last Rites
  • The Balm of Sickness


  • The Legend of the Locket
  • Clinging to the Church
  • Awakening Goodness in the Heart of a Child

Christian Culture

  • Do Manfully
  • Consecration of Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Phoenix
  • SSPX Ost-postolate
  • The Dwelling Place of God

Question and Answer

  • Should I have a Living Will?

News from Tradition

  • Church and World
  • Exit or Requiem
  • Letters to the Editor

The Last Word: by Fr. Daniel Couture, SSPX

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