Fatherhood: An Imitation of the Divine

As we are called to imitate our Divine Father, we here provide some reflections to those who participate in the Divine Fatherhood on earth.

Inside the Sept-Oct 2013 issue


  • Letter from the Publisher

Theme: Fatherhood

  • Fatherhood and Authority
  • The Sacredness of Fatherhood
  • Fidelity to Fatherhood
  • The Father's Role in Today's World

Faith and Morals

  • Doctrine: God Is Knowable
  • Acts of the Magisterium: Guiding Principles of the Lay Apostolate
  • Book Review: A Twice-Crowned Knight


  • Spirituality: Suffering Explained by Saints

Christian Culture

  • History: A Visit to the Catacombs
  • Education: On the Education of Young Men
  • Family Life: Looking Back on Your Fatherhood
  • Book Review: Religious Freedom: A Debate
  • Questions and Answers
  • Church and World
  • Theological Studies

Letters to the Editor

The Last Word

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