A Catholic Primer on Art

Beauty: what is it?  Why do we consider some forms of art and architecture to be more beautiful than others? Do art and architecture have a purpose beyond providing visual pleasure?

Inside the March-April 2013 issue


  • Letter from the Publisher

Theme: A Catholic Primer on Art

  • Beauty and Its Variations
  • Pankalia: The Beauty and Goodness of All Things
  • Ecclesiastical Architecture
  • John Paul II and the Genesis of Confusion
  • Stairway to Heaven

Faith and Morals

  • Social Doctrine: Vindication of the American Dream
  • Acts of the Magisterium: On Dante
  • Liturgy: The Spirit of Eastertide


  • Spirituality: Art and the Spiritual Life

Christian Culture

  • History: St. Ambrose
  • Education: On Literature
  • Lives of the Saints: Garcia Moreno to the Altars!
  • Family Life: The importance of Your Child’s Confirmation
  • Questions and Answers
  • Church and World

Theological Studies

Letters to the Editor

The Last Word

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