The Synod & The Family

This issue of The Angelus will give us an interesting insight into the preparatory conciliar schema which, unfortunately, was not adopted at Vatican II. You will also find within this issue the call of Archbishop Lefebvre for a crusade which urged the young adults of 40 years ago to form Catholic families, open to life and open to God and vocations, as they had always been in previous times in the Church.

Contents of the March-April 2016 Issue:


Letter from the Publisher 

Theme: Family and Synod – Marriage and Family 

  • Ideology at Work 
  • Synodal Results 
  • A Season for Everything 
  • The Family 

Faith and Morals

  • Gargoyles
  • Family Table Talk 
  • Holy Week and Easter 
  • A Domestic Crusade 


  • Facing the Liberals 
  • Salvation through the Family 

Christian Culture

  • Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet 

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