Prayer to St. Joseph, Protector of Church

Prayer composed to St. Joseph by Pope Leo XIII upon declaring Christ's Foster Father as the Church's Universal Protector.

Prayer to St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church

Most powerful patriarch St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, which has always invoked thee in anxiety and trouble, from the exalted seat of thy glory cast a loving glance upon the whole Catholic world. Let thy fatherly heart be touched at the sight of the mystical spouse and the Vicar of Christ overwhelmed with sorrow and persecuted by powerful enemies.

Oh! by the bitter anguish thou didst experience upon earth, dry the tears of the venerable Pontiff, defend him, liberate him, intercede for him with the Giver of peace and charity, that, all adversity being removed, and all error dissipated, the entire Church may serve God in perfect liberty: Ut destructis adversitatibus et erroribus universis Ecclesia secura Deo serviat libertate. Amen.

Leo XIII, March 4, 1882.