Regina Coeli religious staff

Welcome to Regina Coeli House!

In the countryside of Platte County on Farley Road, the SSPX Headquarters is for the USA is a center of intense work and a restful place for the priests. Four priests, three brothers and a team of professionals assist the District Superior to administrate the district.

First Assistant: Fr. Gerard Beck

Second Assistant: Fr. Steven McDonald

Canonical Commission: Fr. Scott Gardner

District Bursar: Fr. Scott Gardner

Communications: James Vogel


Br. Marcel

Br. Gabriel made his perpetual vows as an SSPX Brother in 2011. After graduating in Arts, he decided to give his life to God. He spent his noviciate time in El Paso, TX where he was stationed after his first vows. He is the IT of the house, edits The Crusader magazine and takes care of the Prayer Crusade for Priests. In his freetime, if he does not pet the cats, he his hunting mushroom.

Br. Rene of Mary was already in the seminary when he decided for the life of the brothers. He has been with Br. Gabriel in the noviciate, in El Paso, TX then at the District House. Br. René is in charge of maintaining the house. From his family, he kept the love of the country farm and the care of the garden.

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