Maligning Pius XII's defense of the Jews

Fr. Gumpel provides historical facts proving Pope Pius XII"s efforts to protect the Jews during World War II were highly effective.

From the "Letter from the Editor" (Fr. Markus Heggenberger) of the May 2009 issue of The Angelus magazine, we offer some extracts that demonstrate Pope Pius XII's actions to protect the Jews during World War II. The commentary contrasts the modern lies spread about the 20th century Pontiff with the Modernists' concept of the Church.


The reader of The Angelus will find in this issue the first part of an interview with Fr. Gumpel, S.J., relator of the cause of Pius XII. He is probably the living person who knows more than anyone else about Pope Pacelli, and he is ardently defending historical truth in praise of the Catholic Church: Pope Pius XII defended the Jewish people (and others) against the unjust attacks of a godless regime–Nazi Germany. This was for him not a question of partiality, but of Natural Law. The Ten Commandments, after all, do not apply only to Catholics, but to all human beings, Christian or pagan. In other words: the reason the Catholic Church rejects abortion and the murder of the Jewish people (or any other race) is essentially the same—obedience to the Law of God.

Many interesting questions are raised in this interview, and it is difficult not to have a feeling of respect for the attitude of this pope (even if someone did not share his religious views). It has been rightly asserted that Pope Pius XII was the last pope of a certain “traditional mindset”: it is also true that he could not prevent the preparation of modernization which swept away the Church in its traditional form and which came from inside the Church. The huge crisis of faith, which became visible at that time, was homemade—and Pius XII knew it.

Therefore there is a certain logic in the fact that Pius XII nowadays is denigrated and calumniated as “Hitler’s pope.” This historical lie goes hand-in-hand with the unrealistic concept of a “modern church, conforming to this world,” promoted by Vatican II. The only problem is: the modern church has produced nothing but ruins, and self-destruction seems to be at hand.

Fr. Hans Küng, a Swiss priest, “architect of the Second Vatican Council” and a long-term critic of Church and Pope, seems to forget the actions of Pius XII in favor of the Jews and the circumstances thereof. In an interview with Euronews on April 7, 2009, he stated:

The consequences of Vatican II were immense and historic. For the first time a dialogue was opened with the Jewish faith. Before, our relationship had been poisonous…"

But he “forgets” to mention that among all international organizations the Catholic Church was the only one that took a stand in favor of the persecuted Jewish people—with a demonstrably high risk for its own existence–not because of the “Spirit of Vatican II,” but because of the “Spirit of Christ.”

What does “poisonous relationship” then mean? Does Fr. Kung want to change the Catholic religion? It is highly improbable that the preacher of dialogue and tolerance would have the courage to imitate the example of Pope Pius XII.

His courage is just sufficient to forget historical facts or even to insult this courageous pope. Albert Einstein (born in Germany of Jewish origin, who immigrated in 1932 to California) has to be quoted here:

Only the Church protested against the Hitlerian onslaught.… Up till then I had not been interested in the Church, but today I feel a great admiration for the Church." (Time magazine, 1940)

Hans Küng continues to spread his erroneous and anti-Catholic views. He has damaged the reputation of the Church for decades. His widely promoted system of “global ethics” is a shallow reflection of Christian Moral Theology, watered down to the level of pure nature without Revelation: a doctrine which is not very edifying, but totally in line with his critical views of the Church... read the full text>