Catholicism is about mercy and forgiveness

October 15, 2013
Source: District of the USA

A press release from the SSPX's Italian District concerning the Priebke funeral.

We republish here the press release of the SSPX's Italian District concerning the recent controversy surrounding the funeral of Mr. Erich Priebke, held at the chapel of the Albano priory.

In the last few hours the Society of St. Pius X received a request from the family of Mr. Erich Priebke for permission to celebrate the funeral of the controversial former German officer, who was once sentenced by the Italian justice system for the atrocious massacre at the Ardeatine Caves.

A Christian who was baptized and received the sacraments of Confession and Holy Eucharist, whatever his faults and his sins may have been, has the right to the celebration of Holy Mass and to a funeral if he dies reconciled with God and with the Church.

With this press release we reiterate our rejection of any form of anti-Semitism or racial hatred but also of hatred in all its forms.  The Catholic religion is the religion of mercy and forgiveness.

This funeral should have been conducted privately, without any publicity or exploitative media coverage.

While we wish all journalists success in their work, we remain convinced that one must not mistake an act of Christian piety for an ideological gesture; piety and mercy cannot be intermittent [i.e., cannot be appropriate sometimes and not at other times], but must always guide the Church of Christ.

With this press release we resolutely deny any other alleged declarations by members of the Society that have been published in the last few hours in the newspapers. 

The District of Italy of the Society of St. Pius X