Bishop Fellay blesses crib in EU Parliament

December 19, 2014
Source: District of the USA

The European Parliament located Brussels annually has a Nativity scene erected in the building. This year Bishop Fellay was invited to bless it and he had some words about the importance of recognizing Christ as Lord of all.

Bishop Fellay blesses a Nativity Scene at the European Parliament of Brussels

On December 9, 2014, Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, was invited to bless the Nativity scene that is set up every year in the hall of the European Parliament of Brussels. Before the ceremony, he addressed a few words to the 30 people present, including 10 deputies. Bishop Fellay first called God’s blessings down upon all those who serve Him in their undertakings. He explained that if Christ is invoked as “Our Lord”, it is because all authority and all good come from Him: “Without Me you can do nothing,” declared Jesus in the Gospel (John 15:5). The bishop commented: “all good comes from God, from Whom we receive all things, be they temporal or spiritual.”

The Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X pointed out that the Nativity scene reminds us of the truths of the Gospel, and that we must have not only the courage, but also the honesty to recognize that Europe’s true roots are at the foot of the manger. Bishop Fellay added that “while the Child was surrounded by shepherds, he was also honored by the three kings, who represent the authorities come from different countries to adore God made man.”

Indeed, it was He who came to save men, hence his name Jesus, which means “savior”. He is also called Lord—Dominus—for He is the King of kings, and individuals and societies need Him. And he quoted Cardinal Pie’s words to Napoleon III: “If the time has not come for Jesus Christ to reign, then the time has not come for governments to last.” The Child of the creche is the Lord, who gives stability and peace.

Bishop Fellay also pointed out that Our Lord wished to draw closer to men by being born in the straw, although He could have manifested His power, since He is God Almighty. He asks of men a free act of gratitude and love. Through the ceremony of blessing, the bishop explained, the Church unites God’s grace with the grace of the creche, which becomes a sacramental. The graces are then received according to the dispositions of those who pass through the hall, if they come to venerate Our Lord, the King of kings, He who gives all authority.

At the end of our earthly life, He will judge us according to what we have received,” concluded the bishop,

and in the meantime, Christ wishes us to submit ourselves to Him with our whole will in an act of love. He does not want to impose Himself upon us, but He wishes us to merit the free recognition of His divinity. Our paradise depends on it, for Jesus, whose name means Savior, is the Redeemer of all men.”

(Source: FSSPX/MG—DICI no. 307, 12-19-2014)