You can help Catholic education in America!

December 30, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Watch a video and see some pictures about education in an SSPX school!

It's still the season of the Holy Nativity and our recently announced Christmas Appeal for the Sarto Education Fund is still in full vigor!

In addition to the videos that highlight the SSPX's educational efforts at 2 of our academies here in the States (Kansas City, Missouri and St. Mary's, Kansas), we have just added an image gallery featuring various school activities (see below). Perhaps the smiling, studious and prayerful faces of the students will touch your heart!

More details can be read in Fr. Wegner's Christmas Appeal Letter, but if you are already convinced, why not make a donation right now: just select on the Special Purpose drop-down menu: Sarto Education Trust (SSPX Schools).