Video on upcoming St. Pius X Pilgrimage

February 19, 2014
Source: District of the USA

See a video showing the places connected with St. Pius X's life that will be visited during the Summer 2014 anniversary pilgrimage.

A new video highlighting the places that will be visited during the St. Pius X Anniversary Pilgrimage has just been published by the organizer of the event, Regina Pilgrimages.

In connection with this video, Regina Pilgrimages has also provided some edifying words about St. Pius X, his importance as a model for our time and the debt of gratitude owed to this holy pontiff of the 20th century.

Come celebrate the Society's patron!

Born poor and humble of heart,
Undaunted champion of the Catholic Faith,
Zealous to restore all things in Christ,
Crowned a holy life with a holy death."

These are the words engraved on the tomb of Pope St. Pius X in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. There lies this ardent defender of the Catholic faith, holy patron of the Society of St. Pius X, who entered into eternity 100 years ago (August 20, 1914).

To restore all things In Christ” was the motto and the driving force of St. Pius X. And how did he propose this restoration? Through the reorganization of seminaries, striving to provide the best possible formation for young seminarians; religious instruction for both young and old; Catholic Action, asking the faithful to be as the Apostles and missionaries; and through the restoration of Church Music and Liturgy. He was a staunch enemy of error, mainly of modernism, issuing an encyclical and over fourteen pronouncements against modernism. His humble life was devoted to defending, fostering, and propagating the Catholic faith; to restoring the kingdom of God in the individual, in the family, and in society, through the Catholic Church.

To restore all things In Christ” in turn is the motto of the Society of St. Pius X. As our holy patron sought to form holy priests, to provide true Catholic education, to instill an apostolic zeal in the faithful, and to preserve the beauty and solemnity of Church Music and Liturgy, so does the Society of St. Pius X.

What better way to recognize the heroic virtues and tireless efforts of St. Pius X, than to relive his history, walking in his footsteps on a centennial pilgrimage? Joining this commemorative journey to Italy is our very own District Superior, Fr. Arnaud Rostand, who will accompany pilgrims as they visit the various sites related to St. Pius X. From Riese, the small town where he was born, to Venice, where he was Patriarch, to his Holy See in Rome—this 12-day pilgrimage will follow the life and pontificate of St. Pius X.

Come and help us celebrate the 100 years since the death of St. Pius X. Come and give testimony of your gratitude and admiration for this champion of the faith. Commemorate the events of his saintly life by visiting the places where he lived, prayed, and toiled. Better understand the modern evils which we Catholics face today in society. Do not miss this opportunity to join Fr. Rostand in paying special tribute to this fearless defender of Tradition.

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