Vatican blesses homosexual children's books

September 01, 2015
Source: District of the USA

Did the Holy See actually give its blessing to a homosexual children's book?

Image above: cover of the gender identity children's book, Piccolo Uovo (Little Egg), one of the books submitted to the Vatican for approval.

Adding to the general confusion amongst Catholics on the moral issue of matrimony and the family, a few days ago it was reported[1] that a Vatican official of the Secretary of State responded on Pope Francis’ behalf and granted a blessing to an Italian publishing firm that produces homosexual books for children.

This scandal follows in the wake of the disastrous 2014 Synod on the Family, and precedes the second session taking place this October. While cardinals and bishops are lining up on both sides of the fence—either to defend Catholic teaching on marriage, Holy Communion and the family, or to subvert it—it seems that a tug of war is also occurring elsewhere within the Vatican Palace’s walls.

From the Secretary of State’s office and in the name of the Vatican a “papal benediction” and encouragement was bestowed upon the authors and publishers, Francesca Pardi and Maria Silva Fiengo, in response to their submission of books that undermine children’s gender identity, witnessed by such a title as: Little Egg, Little Story of a Family: Why Do You Have Two Mothers?

On the other hand, the Vatican Press Office responded to Pardi’s crowing about the letter on Facebook:

In no way does the letter from the Secretariate of State mean to endorse behavior and teachings not in line with the Gospel..."

What makes the situations worse (were that possible) is that Pardi submitted her books for Pope Francis’ perusal in response to the mayor of Venice (Italy), Luigi Brugnaro, who sought to ban them from his city’s schools!

Meanwhile on this side of the Atlantic, Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago stated on August 23rd during the homily for his reception of the pallium (a significant papal honor) that Catholics need “to be open to ‘new avenues of creativity’ when it comes to non-traditional families”[2]—that is, like the book title above, with the parents being two mommies (or two daddies).

Citing Pope Francis, Archbishop Cupich continued in his sermon about accepting “modern concepts” of the family:

With the upcoming synod, it is clear that the Holy Father is calling the Church to examine our categories of expression about what we believe and be open to new avenues and creativity when it comes to accompanying families. All of this has much to say to us in Chicago, that we not settle for solutions that no longer work, expressions that no longer inspire and ways of working that stifle creativity and collaboration."

So while those who remain faithful to the Church’s immutable teachings on matrimony and the family—let alone the natural and social order—are devoid of the pope’s public support, those who speak of an impossible “other way” receive his papal honors and blessings.

But let those who maintain their fidelity to Holy Mother Church take solace in Archbishop Lefebvre’s observation about even ecclesiastical honors:

Question: Of course you realize that your name has disappeared from the latest edition of the Annuario Pontifico, the "Papal Year Book" edited in Rome.

Archbishop Lefebvre: I think that my name has not disappeared from the Annuario of the Good Lord, at least I hope so, and that is what matters."


1 Source is Catholic Family News piece of August 28, 2015 (“Pope Francis' Vatican Sends ‘Blessing’ to Publisher of Homosexual-Friendly Books for Children”) citing the Italian newspaper, Il Giornale.

2 Cited from CNSNEWS article of August 27, 2015: “'The Risen Lord is Always Doing Something New': Archbishop Calls for Openness to Non-Traditional Families”.