USA archbishop speaks out against Christianophobia

April 09, 2012
Source: District of the USA

The archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, has broken ranks with most of his episcopal confreres and denounced crimes against Christianity by name: Christianophobia.

In contradiction to the “political correctness” of some episcopal colleagues in France (and now in Italy), Archbishop—just nominated Cardinal—Timothy Dolan of New York, published an opinion piece titled “Christianity most persecuted religion” in the New York Daily News[1], condemning by name Christianophobia:

According to the International Conference on the Freedom of Religion, which took place earlier this month… Christians have become the most persecuted followers of any religion in the world today. This hatred and bigotry even has a title: Christophobia."

Some recent Christianophobic acts have included setting fire to outdoor Nativity scenes, blasphemous works of public art (e.g., displays and theatrical productions), and violent persecutions against Christians in regions dominated by militant groups of Hindus, Muslims or pagans as has been occurring almost routinely in India, Egypt, the Philippines and Indonesia; of course by Communists in China and Latin American too.

While Archbishop Dolan had hoped that Christians would be able to celebrate Our Lord’s Nativity in peace this year, such was not to be. A chilling example of ethnic cleansing occurred in northern Nigeria on Christmas Day itself, when the militant Islamist group, Boko Haram, killed nearly 100, and forcibly deported over 100,000 from the region.

Setting the record straight against the current trend of ignoring or down-playing Christianophobia is not a novelty to the New York archbishop, who dared in 2009 to accuse the New York Times of consistent-biased reporting on Catholicism while remarking on his personal blog that after baseball: “sadly, America has another national pastime, this one not pleasant at all: anti-Catholicism.”

While blood has not (yet) been shed here in the States, nevertheless, just as innately dangerous are the more subtle and “tolerable” persecutions against Christianity, such as municipalities forbidding public displays of Nativity scenes or other symbols or the frequent double-standard towards the application of hate crimes. Though not so subtle are certain governmental maneuverings inspired by secularist attitudes and funded by anti-Christian agencies. The level of these attacks upon Christianity has increased significantly enough that it caused Cardinal Burke to mention it to his episcopal confreres during their ad limina visit to Rome last month.

For the most part, the United States’ hierarchy has remained silent in the face of these attacks against Christianity in our country, so it is refreshing when the archbishop of one of the highest-ranking dioceses speaks out (repeatedly) in such a candid manner.

Unfortunately within his opinion piece, Archbishop Dolan invokes the error of religious liberty and endorses Cardinal Koch’s “Ecumenism of the Martyrs” stating “every person of any faith must now experience a fresh solidarity among peoples of all religions to defend the religious freedom and safety of those shedding their blood because of their faith”. But this “religious freedom” is itself an attack against Christianity (the One, True Faith), for it denies the rights of Kingship of Christ and the necessity of the His Catholic Church, the only ark of salvation.

The example of Archbishop Dolan gives that every Catholic should take to heart is that for the honor and love of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we should not remain apathetic towards the attacks made against Him and His Church. And while His Excellency did not use these words, this nevertheless translates into working for the full recognition of the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in our hearts and in our society.


1 December 25, 2011.