US District Organizes Gregorian Mass in Preparation of the SSPX General Chapter

June 26, 2018
Source: District of the USA
Mass on June 20 at Our Lady of Assumption Church in Walton, KY

The U.S. District started a Gregorian Mass and special devotions in preparation for the General Chapter. A Mass will be offered every day in one of the chapels across the district and a Holy Hour will be organized the same day. All the faithful are invited to assist to these Masses and to unite themselves to the special prayers.

The General Chapter of the Society of Saint Pius X will start on July 10. The General chapter will be preceded by a 5 day retreat. 41 Superiors and eldest priests of the Society will the meet for ten days in Ecône, Zwitserland. The first day of the meeting will be the election of the new Superiory General and his Assistants. 462 Society priests are eligible, being over 30 years old and having pronounced their final engagements within the Society. Bishop Bernard Fellay the actual Superior General can be re-elected.


The days that follow the elections the superiors will discuss the key topics of the Society's life: Relations with the Church, organisation, structure and statutes of the Society of Saint Pius X, administration of the Society, studies and seminaries, sanctification of its members, apostolate and life of the Society. In preparation of the General Chapter all the members had the possibility to forward their motions to the General House.

Prayers needed

The elections as welll as these days of self reflection are crucial to the life of the Society. They will mark the 12 years to come which are definitely crucial for the Society and for the Church. 

Gregorian Mass and Special Devotions

It is therefore that the US district started with a Gregorian Mass in preparation of the chapters. Every day before the General Chapter there will be a public sung Mass offered in one of our chapels across the district. The same day, ideally after the sung Mass, there will be a Holy Hour with adoration of the Blessed Sacrament where we ask for the blessings from Heaven.

We encourage all our faithful to participate in this preparation as faithful and as zealous as possible! You can find the information for the specific times and places in the local parish bulletins.

Final Schedule of Gregorian Masses Across US District:

Date Chapel 1 Chapel 2 Chapel 3
6/11/18 Colton Nicholville  
6/12/18 Winona Las Vegas  
6/13/18 Arcadia Phoenix  
6/14/18 Portland Post Falls  
6/15/18 Olivet    
6/16/18 Green Bay Sanger  
6/17/18 Memphis Edmonds Pittsburgh
6/18/18 Louisiana Bakersfield St. Paul
6/19/18 Armada Veneta  
6/20/18 Long Prairie Walton  
6/21/18 Browerville    
6/22/18 St. Mary's    
6/23/18 Davie    
6/24/18 Buffalo Cleveland Albuquerque
6/25/18 Livonia St. Louis  
6/26/18 Oak Park Ridgefield  
6/27/18 Atlanta San Jose  
6/28/18 Dickinson St. Cloud  
6/29/18 Mukwonago Philadelphia  
6/30/18 Bismark Gr. Rapids  
7/1/18 Kingsford
7/2/18 Carthage Madison  
7/3/18 El Paso    
7/4/18 Denver    
7/5/18 Kansas City Sanford  
7/6/18 Sacramento Charlotte  
7/7/18 San Antonio Wichita  
7/8/18 Austin OK City  
7/9/18 Syracuse    
7/10/18 Los Gatos    

Please check with the local chapels for times and other devotions that may be offered in addition to the Gregorian Masses.