Update: Phoenix church construction

June 26, 2013
Source: District of the USA

Construction steadily continues with the new church of Our Lady of Sorrows in Phoenix, Arizona, as briefly shown in this bi-weekly update:

The west end of the basement ICF walls are complete and concreted. The east end (beneath the altar) of the basement will be completed in two weeks. As noted in the aerial photo facing west the underground utilities are being installed."

For three decades, the Society's chapel in Phoenix was a former Protestant and utilitarian-designed building, which had been adapted for Catholic worship. Thankfully, the continual growth of the thriving parish in Phoenix has enabled the ambitious dream of a new, larger and truly Catholic church to become a reality.

It is being built in the Spanish Colonial style, an architectural form developed by the Spaniards in the New World, who first planted the Faith in the southwest portion of the United States—thus this chapel will also serve as a reminder of America's true historic roots.

This new church also positively signifies the continued growth and stability of Tradition here in the United States District, for without either gain, such an ambitious project would not be possible.