Theme of Fall 2019 Issue of The Angelus - The Church and Science

September 16, 2019
Source: District of the USA

The Fall issue of The Angelus dives into the misunderstandings many have about the Catholic Church's role and stance on scientific advancement.

From the Publisher:

Modern ears have misgivings about joining the two words, “Catholic” and “scientists.” In reference to the high Middle Ages, we speak of the “Dark Ages.” After that came the wonderful Renaissance and Reformation followed by the Enlightenment, all of which were reacting against the Church-biased culture. Who hasn’t heard of the Inquisition, the Galileo trial, and the Index? Surely then, the Catholic Church at large must stand in opposition to progress, science, and reason.

Historically, however, in the same way as the Church was the first promoter of the arts, she has always been the patroness of sciences. She has been prolific in the foundation of schools, universities, and hospitals, and many clergy have been active in the sciences. And what the Church could not do by herself, Christian lay folks and leaders promoted it too. Just think of Charlemagne setting up the first parish schools in his empire. Think of Queen Isabel of Spain selling her jewels to promote Columbus’ trip opening the new world to evangelization and civilization. 

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This issue includes:

Theme: The Catholic Church and Science

The Catholic Church and Science, by John Dredger
Science and Beyond: Dantean Moon Spots, by Andrew J. Clarendon
He Destroyed the Enlightenment Myth, Interview with Fr. Paul Robinson
Catholics Invented Science, by Fr. Paul Robinson, SSPX
Heroism and Genius: Time for Our Second “long march through the institutions,” Interview with Fr. William J. Slattery


The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: The Gospel, by Fr. Christopher Danel
Earthquake Priest, by Fr. William J. Slattery
The Science of Silence, by a Benedictine monk

Christian Culture

The Sound of Silence, by Dr. Andrew Childs
A Meditation on the First and Only Church of Christ the Scientist, by John Rao, PhD
My God, I Hope…, by the Sisters of the SSPX
The Caste System in India, by a Missionary
Building Bridges from East to West, by Anonymous
Questions and Answers, by Fr. Juan-Carlos Iscara

News from Tradition

Church and World

The Confusion of the Church and the World at the Root of the Crisis, by Fr. Davide Pagliarani
The Last Word, by Fr. Daniel Couture

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