SSPX-Rome theological commission members promoted

February 13, 2012
Source: District of the USA

The Holy See has promoted 2 members from the Roman side of the SSPX-Rome theological commission.

In the picture above: Fr. Becker on left and Bishop Morerod on right.

Two priests who represented the Vatican during the recent SSPX-Rome theological commission have been honored by the Holy Father with ecclesiastical promotions.

The first is Jesuit Fr. Karl Josef Becker, a noted theologian who has close ties with Pope Benedict XVI dating from when he was a consultant at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Born 1928 in Cologne, Germany Fr. Becker has been nominated (along with 21 others) to receive the red hat, thus joining the College of Cardinals.

The second is a Dominican, the now Bishop Charles Morerod, former Secretary General of the International Theological Commission and Consultant to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He was raised to the episcopacy on December 11th, having been consecrated the bishop of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg—the very diocese wherein the SSPX was canonically founded in 1970 with the permission of Bishop Charriere; the Econe seminary is also located nearby.

In both cases, these newly-promoted priests have met with representatives of the SSPX’s theological commission on several occasions and became well acquainted with the Tradition’s position about the errors of the Second Vatican Council. Thus they have a rather unique insight into the Society of St. Pius X and its reasons for opposing the post-conciliar errors and that these are primarily based upon the Church’s doctrine.

Hence, we must ask, are these two appointments merely coincidental, or could they signify positive portents for the future of Catholic Tradition?