SSPX gains 20 new priests and 14 deacons!

June 27, 2014
Source: District of the USA

With this new set of annual ordinations, the SSPX draws closer to the 600 mark for the number of priests belonging to its priestly society of common life.

Following up on our previous pieces about the recent ordinations at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary here in the States, we also have some brief news from the SSPX's seminaries in Europe.

Today (Feast of the Sacred Heart, Friday, June 27) at St. Pius X Seminary in Econe, Switzerland, Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta ordained 8 deacons (7 Frenchmen and 1 Swiss) to the Priesthood of Our Lord Jesus. He also ordained 7 subdeacons to the diaconate. For those who can understand French, Bishop de Galarreta's beautiful ordination sermon can be heard at DICI. Also, a photo gallery of the Econe ordinations is available.

Another ordination ceremony for the SSPX will take place tomorrow morning (Vigil of Sts. Peter and Paul, Saturday, June 28), at Sacred Heart Seminary in Zaitzkofen, Germany. Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais will ordain 5 priests (3 Poles and 2 Swiss—a picture and short bio of each is available at the seminary's website) and 2 deacons.

We hope to offer some further news and images of these important events in the life of our religious family and—as always—please keep these new priests and deacons in your prayers.