SSPX falsely accused: "Resistance to what?"

May 20, 2013
Source: District of the USA

A 6-part audio conference given in April 2013 during which Fr. Themann answers objections raised about the talks with the SSPX and Rome. An historical parallel with Archbishop Lefebvre's attitude in 1988 and a timeline of the relations between the Society and Rome makes listening to this conference a must!

Pope Benedict XVI indicated to the Society of St. Pius X his desire to accord an official recognition. After a long period of theological discussions, the pope began to propose a legal solution to the difficulties.

Certain of SSPX priests began to accuse their superiors of abandoning the SSPX traditional stance, simply for considering this offer. What is more, they encouraged the faithful to follow them in their rebellion. Contending that any discussions with Rome somehow indicate a compromise with liberalism, these priests set themselves up as the only true representatives of the line traced out by Archbishop Lefebvre.

On April 16, 2013, seminary professor Fr. Daniel Themann gave a conference in St. Mary’s, Kansas to an audience of 900. At this talk Fr. Themann addressed systematically the errors of these priests who style themselves the “Resistance.”

Listen the conference

Part 1: Principles
Resistance to what? [24']

Part 2: Explanations
A. Resistance to what? [20']
B. Resistance to what? [18']
C. Resistance to what? [36']

Part 3: Question & Answer
A. Resistance to what? [26']
B. Resistance to what? [32']

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