Sponsor a youth to pray for you!

November 25, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Unable to go on pilgrimage and pray at some of the most sacred shrines of Christianity? Then send a "vicarious pilgrim" who can!

That's the message of Fr. Patrick Rutledge's stirring appeal to "Sponsor a Pilgrim" for the SSPX-USA's 2015 Youth Pilgrimage to take place in early Summer which integrally includes the famous 65-mile Chartres Pilgrimage.

To take spiritual advantage of the sacrifices, penances and prayers of a youth pilgrim bearing your prayer intentions, you simply need to help sponsor one—a small price to pay indeed for an immeasurable and supernatural return. Furthermore in the words of Fr. Rutledge:

By participating vicariously in this pilgrimage, you will help our youth execute a public act of faith and form in themselves a true Christian spirit according to the perennial practices of Catholic Tradition."

Thus in an important way, you will have exercised a profound—even a lifetime—impact on the continued formation of these youth as Catholics.

To encourage your spirit of generosity, we have included below, links to a photo gallery and report from the 2014 Youth Pilgrimage.