South Korea: A Catholic Head of State for the Land of the Morning Calm

May 24, 2017
Moon Jae-in, the new president of South Korea.

The new South Korean president has just been sworn in: an open Catholic, devoted to the Blessed Virgin, Moon Jae-in began his mandate with an unusual move in the eyes of a secular society: he had the presidential residence blessed by his parish priest.

Moon Jae-in is the name of the new president of South Korea, who just won the election with more than 41% of the votes. The new head of state happens to be Catholic and proud of it: sworn in on May 10, he announced the day after his election that he wanted his new presidential apartments blessed on May 13, on the anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima.

The Blue House is the name of the official residence of the President of the Republic. The building also houses the offices of the Presidency and it is where heads of state who visit Korea are received. To bless the residence, President Moon simply called his parish priest from the church of the Most Blessed Trinity, in the Hongje-dong neighborhood, in the northwest of Seoul.

The priest in question, Fr. Paolo Ryu Jong-Man, welcomed the invitation and went to the Blue House on May 13. During the solemn blessing, the priest, who was accompanied by some religious, imposed his hands on the President and his wife, praying that he might be “wise as King Solomon”. He then declared: “Before making any decision regarding the State, pray to the Holy Ghost. He will come down upon you and give you His light and His strength.”

Fr. Paolo Ryu Jong-Man presents President Moon, whom he knows very well, as “a very humble, open, and pious man”. President Moon, added the priest, always wears a rosary ring on his left ring finger as a sign of his devotion to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

No doubt the new president will count on the intercession of the Queen of Heaven in the different challenges he will have to face both internally, with the worrisome slow-down in growth, and externally, with his North Korean neighbors that are as aggressive as they are unpredictable, and where Communism continues to wreak its havoc.

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