Soccer-playing seminarians edify photographer

June 04, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Can a group of seminarians playing soccer in their cassocks be a source of edification?

It was for Geneva-based photographer, Fabrice Coffrini, who captured the image above (and others) of the young clerics Sunday activity of soccer at the SSPX's Seminary of St. Pius X in Econe, Switzerland.

Submitted as a photo-report to AFP (Associated French Press), this story has now made its rounds to our own American NBC (National Broadcasting Company), wittily entitled: "On the Seventh Day they Played Soccer". Just today, the blog Rorate Caeli (also obviously inspired by the power of cassock-playing seminarians) have published an English translation of the original AFP piece.

In addition to the striking images taken by Mr. Coffrini (available via the various links above), his photo-report also shows how not only the religious habit (but good manners as well) continues to emote interest and respect. Please pray for these seminarians at Econe that they will persevere in continue to offer such an edifying example to the public, particularly as future priests for the salvation of souls.

As an afterword, soccer's not the only sport the SSPX seminarians enjoy—here in the States, the predilection has long been for hockey as you can read here about the annual Priests-vs-Seminarians match at the Winona seminary and the featured photo gallery below.