Seminary Professors Visit Chapels to Preach About Vocations to the Priesthood

March 11, 2019
Source: District of the USA

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, coordinating with the US District, is sending professors to various chapels around the District for “vocations weekends” – an opportunity to present the grandeur of the priesthood and to invite young men to consider entering the vineyard of the Lord.

The “vocations weekend” consists in several conferences, addressed to different audiences.  For the parish as a whole, the professors of the Seminary will treat the importance of education in fostering generosity and the spirit of sacrifice, as well as those qualities which help to make the grace of the priesthood more effective.  The visit will likewise include a conference directed to those considering what to do with their lives, and perhaps wondering, “Should I, too, become a priest?”  Finally, a conference on the priest and the liturgy will certainly help those involved in the ceremonies at their own chapel. 

In addition to these conferences, there will be a showing of a video specially prepared for these visits.  This video, which includes interview content from over a dozen priests, highlights the mystery of this lofty calling, while also recalling that the priest remains a man, like other men.  The video and the visit itself is an invitation to the young men of the parish to consider seriously how they can best serve Christ and His Church. 

Please join us in praying for the success of these visits, so that the Lord will send forth many laborers into His harvest: O Lord, grant us priests!