Sedevacantism: a dead-end error

February 26, 2014
Source: District of the USA

What is sedevacantism and why is it an error?

The Society of St. Pius X is often mistakenly accused of being "sedevacantist". Most often this is done out of ignorance of what the error of sedevacantism actually is, such as equating legitimate "disobedience" to the pope as a denial that he is the Supreme Pontiff.

However, even a precursory reading of the materials published by the SSPX demonstrate that the priestly society not only rejects the error of sedevacantism, but also makes the critical distinction of respecting the Supreme Pontiff, even if it is required by the Faith (Christ Himself) to "disobey" his modernist teachings or directives.

While many might be vaguely aware that sedevacantism is an over-reaction to the post-conciliar crisis, however they may not know how it began and of what this error actually consists. Hence, to aid in a better understanding of this error (and thus avoid it), we re-offer two articles here on our website:

We also take this opportunity to remind our readers of Fr. Schmidberger's excellent piece: The Papacy: some clear thoughts.