Rosary rally in Boston against Black Mass

May 15, 2014
Source: District of the USA

As prophesied in Scripture, Our Lady is the one who will crush the head of the serpent, the devil. The rosary has been successfully used on many occasions to defeat evil, and the recent Boston Black Mass affair is another such triumph.

Having become a widely-reported news item, many of our readers may already know of the cancellation of the diabolical Black Mass 'reenactment' that was planned for the evening of Monday, May 12 in Boston. This satanic act was being promoted and hosted by the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club "as part of a series of events exploring different cultures and religious traditions".[1]

American Catholics everywhere and across the board—whether of traditional, conservative or even liberal bent (especially Bostonians)—were outraged at this explicit attack against the Catholic Faith, and its blasphemous and sacrilegious mockery of Christ in the Holy Eucharist, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The Boston archdiocese immediately organized a Eucharistic procession and holy hour at St. Paul's Church (near the Harvard Club) in protest and as an act of reparation for this planned satanic act. As the news video reports showed, the archdiocese's efforts were well-attended (particularly by youthful students) and enacted in a reverent manner.

Another encouraging and impressive action was the singular effort of a young female Harvard student, who collected over 60,000 signatures in protest of the Black Mass, which she presented to the university's administration. While across the Internet, there were organized calls to have prayers of reparation offered to stop the act.

All of these efforts, both supernatural and natural, obviously had their effect, for the Harvard Club was forced to cancel the event due to be held in their building's basement, and then attempted to move it to a local pub. The pub owner eventually decided against hosting the event on his premises, causing it to be "indefinitely cancelled". A victory then for Our Lord and Lady!

This much has been widely-reported by the mainstream media. What many of SSPX.ORG readers may not know is that same evening our Boston-area chapel also hosted a rosary procession and rally of reparation directly across the street from the Harvard Club! While media crews were present to record this event, it has not yet—as the saying goes—been "seen on TV" (though a photograph of the procession was shown in the Boston Herald—see image 2).

Organized by the Woburn mission's youthful pastor, Fr. Nicholas Gardner, the rosary procession and prayer vigil was open to any Catholic who wanted to join. A couple dozen faithful from the SSPX's St. Catherine of Sienna Chapel were on hand, joined by some others who attend St. Benedict's Center in Still River, MA.

Upon reaching the Harvard Club, the rosary vigil continued with the faithful prayerfully resisting the proposed satanic act to its face with Ave's and hymns in honor of Our Lord and Lady. Down on the opposite corner of the same street, could be heard a TFP contingent  making their rosary protest.

Their diabolical act cancelled at the Harvard Club's premises and then having been rebuffed by the pub's owner, a small group of would-be satanic worshippers (and even self-announced gnostics), gathered at the nearby Town Square in protest of the protest! A few of these individuals even approached the rosary rally group to deride them for their "anger issues".[2] All in all, as one rosary rally participant stated, "It was great to see the Blessed Mother's triumph!"


1 CBS-Boston, "Harvard Club Cancels 'Black Mass' Reenactment" on May 12, 2014.

2 Quoted from Anthony Miklaszewski, Woburn's chapel coordinator, and news source for the rosary rally event.