Roman Protestants: read it lately?

September 12, 2013
Source: District of the USA

When was the last time you read "Roman Protestants"? Here's some extracts of this classic piece that demonstrates how the "Spirit of Vatican II” is protestantizing Catholics.

"Roman Protestants" has been one of the most popular articles on SSPX.ORG as it was when originally published in the August 1982 issue of The Angelus, having "evoked one of the most positive responses to any feature this year" (as reported in the December 1982 issue).

Roman Protestants extracts

Now, however, since Vatican the Second we have been faced with the hitherto incredible spectacle of a mass movement in reverse─a movement of Catholics towards Protestantism. It began with the caucus of modernist prelates and their “experts” who brought off a successful coup d’etat at the first session of the Council, by tearing up the authorized agenda and substituting their own program. This gave them a certain control of the proceedings and enabled them to devise loopholes and ambiguities in the acta for subsequent exploitation. The “pastoral” rather than dogmatic character of this Council made its texts all the more susceptible of tendentious interpretation.


It was of course the same progressive party which got the job of implementing the conciliar decrees, and that is where the trouble became most serious. The Party’s first concern was with the liturgy, which of all the Church’s institutions stood in least need of reform, and which no responsible Catholic wanted to change. The Council had made a few cautious, limited and reasonable concessions for the vernacular languages to be used in scriptural readings and prayers in which the people took a vocal part. These apart, it insisted on the retention of Latin.


The obvious purpose was to make the Eucharist so “ecumenical” that it could be shared by those who had no belief in either the Sacrifice or the Real Presence. Can one imagine anything more dastardly than this betrayal of the Holy of Holies for the beaux yeux of unbelievers? Yet the Modernists were allowed─and are still allowed─to get away with it and to impose it on the whole Church of the West. No such subversion has ever before been known in the Catholic Church.


From these observations, and from many others which could be mentioned, there emerges the picture of a Church which is unrecognizable as the Church we were brought up in─rather like an ugly stepmother, all spots and wrinkles, in place of the Holy Mother Church we knew and loved in pre-conciliar days. It is not only the ecclesiology that is different; everything is different. The bogus “ecumenism” aims at ironing out the distinctions of true and false in religion, so that Catholic doctrine goes into the melting pot with everything else. The Council of Trent and the Counter-Reformation are dismissed as no longer “relevant” to the “adult man” of the 20th century.

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